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    CNC Door Lock Hole & Slot Solution
    Product Specifications Description?/td>
    CNC Door Lock Hole & Slot Solution
    Model : MDK4120Q 
      CNC Door Lock Hole & Slot Solution with seven CNC spindles; feed-in & feed-out, barcode identification, tool setting, workpiece measurement, lubrication and all kinds of lock-holes, lock slots working are full automatic.在门纵向全程范围内同时加工。主要用于加工木门门锁、铰链等门配套五金件安装槽及孔的加工。锁槽侧、铰链侧两端同时加工,锁槽侧、铰链侧各有一左旋电机,用于槽口的破口,以防止槽口处崩边?nbsp;


    Main Parameter?/strong>

    -Working length?800mm?400mm

    -Working width?0mm?0mm

    -Working thickness?00mm?100mm

    -Max X、X’ moving length?400mm

    -Dextro motor beside the lock?.0kW

    -Levo motor beside the lock?.5kW

    -Lead-hole motor bieside the hinge?.4kW

    -Dextro motor beside the hinge?.7kW

    -Levo motor beside the hinge?.5kW

    -Max. moving speed of tool?0m/min

    -Overall dimensions?500mm×3500mm×2100mm



    1、double side processing, increase the productivity of the door leaf position of hardware processing, 60 seconds to complete processing of a door.
    2、positive and negative spiral milling, effectively solve the problem of edge collapse
    3、multi-point automatic measurement, which can guarantee the machining precision
    4、automatic knife, to guarantee the machining dimensions
    5、barcode management, production organization, which is convenient for workers to operate
    6、the discharged, and meet the needs of the high-end customers production line combination
    7、the automatic lubrication device

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