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    CNC Door Four Edges Saw
    Product Specifications Description?/td>




    ts advanced technology, high automation (labour & time saving) and amazing preciseness makes the machine the wise choice for people in door industry. 


    Main Parameter?/strong>

    -Workpiece length?800mm?400mm

    -Workpiece width?00mm?100mm

    -Workpiece thickness?0mm?0mm

    -Main saw motor?*7.5kw

    -Scoring saw motor?*0.65kw

    -Max moving speed of saw blade?0m/min

    -Overall dimensions?500mm*3100mm*2200mm


    Besides, Its unique cutting route makes three group sawblades with shorter cutting time and more energy saving than traditional four groups (eight saw blades). 

    CNC Door Four Edges Saw

    Model :  MJK6424   


    This machine is designed and manufactured by us with proprietary intellectual property rights.



    It is specially for cutting door with automatic adjustment of worktable width,automatic material feed-in & feed-out,


    vacuum absorption, side and corner material smash.



    All the cutting is driven by servo motor with convenient speed adjustment and fast response.


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    Copyright Nantong Yuetong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.   Jiangsu ICP No.19039011
    Hotline?513-69889218  400-780-1199  


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